In October of 2015, West Coast artist, producer, graduated audio engineer, and CEO of Vindictive Records, Diggy Dre, started to work on a West Coast G-Funk refill for Propellerhead's Reason software shortly after recording a few tracks with Baby Eazy aka Eazy-E3 (the son of gangsta rap legend, Eazy-E) as well as a track with Wanz (the hookman of Macklemore's Thrift Shop), for his upcoming album, The RE-Funk Era.

Diggy Dre wanted to add more authenticity to the G-Funk refill by building patches on a moog synth and then multi-sampling his patches back out and making them playable in Reason's NN-XT sampler. Since he didn't own a Moog synth at the time, he put the G-Funk refill on hold, he also found that he enjoyed the task of creating drum sample kits and while he waited to get his hands on a Moog, he stayed in the studio day and night building unique drum sample kits for producers of all ages. Vindictive Sound Labs, Inc. is the result!

If you are interested in finding out about future kits or have suggestions, please take a second to contact us and follow us on social media. Thank you so much for your interest in Vindictive Sound Labs, Inc.